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What makes Supercast unique?

What do you provide compared to someone like Patreon or Ko-Fi? What makes you unique in your service?

Starting from zero

A lot of your success stories are creators with an established audience who then offer private feeds with bonus content, etc. What about creators who have a small (<500) or no audience? Does it make sense to start off with paid options from the get go? Are there any case studies of smaller, indie podcasters who have succeeded this way?


How does the integration with Spotify work?

Audio + video

How would Supercast dove tail into both a Podcast and YourTube strategy? Does Supercast allow you to include your video interviews as a benefit? If so, how (i.e. native hosting, embedded, linked to somewhere else?)

drop off?

Does having an ad-free feed hurt my ability to negotiate with sponsors for my regular podcast?